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Heavy Stonerrock aus Wien/Ktn....

Gesang - Müller Manuel
Drums - Rene Kechvar Parast
Gitarre - Haslacher Martin
Bass - Gregor Müller

SUNDUST was formed in 1998 in Carinthia/Austria.
Their first concert they played at the first SAUZIPFROCKS FESTIVAL (
Some other concerts were following but no recordings....
In the year 2000 they moved to Vienna to get more contacts and more chances to play!
Till 2004 no fixed bass player.
2005 first demo arrived, recorded at the rehearsal room!
Many concerts in the year 2006/07!!

2007 first EP with 4 powerfull songs and a length of about 31 minutes.
In december 2007 the second guitarist decided to quit the band and SUNDUST keeps going on with one guitar/bass/voice and drums.
In january/february 2008 first real tour through Italy/Austria/Germany!!
Now they are searching for a management and a label!
In the spring 2008 they will record their first album!

Many great gigs with bands like TRUCKFIGHTERS/EVIL BEAVER/LOS NATAS / TONER LOW / DESERT SUN/ and many more!
Also shared the stage with bands like ORANGE GOBLIN/COLOUR HAZE and many more!!
Join their concerts,listen to their recordings and you will be convinced of their potential and powerfull songs,made in a way never heard before !

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updated: 19.03.2008 by Sundust
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